Education opportunities for schools and communities

My Climate Path provides a wide range of opportunities for young people to demonstrate the legacy that COP26 will bring them and their future careers in green and circular roles across all industries.

Through a range of initiatives in the classroom, the community and the workplace, My Climate Path offers a breadth of activities to inspire young people on the roles and skills required for the jobs of the future that will drive sustainable economic growth in a green economy.

My Climate Path Initiatives

Some of the initiatives being offered under My Climate Path include those summarised below.

If you are interested in offering one of these initiatives to your young people, or want to find out more, please complete the form linked at the bottom of this page.

  1. Circular Economy Challenge
  2. Design Engineer Construct! Virtual Work Experience & Qualification
  3. Climate Heroes 
  4. Online My Climate Path Learning Package
  5. Wee Forests
  6. Digital Critical Friends
  7. Earth Allies: Climate Activism Course
  8. Sustainable Fashion Festival
  9. Waste in the Circular Economy SCQF Level 5
  10. Circular Community Work Experience
  11. Youth Climate Council 

Since our launch in September 2021, My Climate Path initiatives have reached over 2,000 young people across the Glasgow City Region. A summary of the initiatives we have delivered do far are below and further down we set out the upcoming initiatives that you can still take part in!

Circular Economy Challenge

A 6-8 week in-school national enterprise challenge for P5-S2 levels delivered in partnership with Young Enterprise Scotland (YES).​ The Circular Economy Challenge is designed to introduce the children and young people to the benefits and principles of the Circular Economy through industry case studies and interaction with Business Ambassadors. Pupils will design a 'circular' product or service where everything has value, and nothing is wasted. They will then be given the opportunity to present their ideas to a judging panel of experts as part of a Circular Competition.

By working with businesses, the participants will be able to make connections between the skills, the circular economy, and pathways to future green jobs. This links with the Learning for Sustainability agenda, particularly in relation to skills for work, resilience, learners as leaders, creativity, and cooperative, collaborative, and active learning. A CPD training session will be provided by YES to teachers and coordinators as well as a teacher resource pack containing flexible lesson plans and digital case studies.

In October 2021 we held a mini-Circular Economy Challenge as a condensed taster of the full challenge. The young people came up with some incredible ideas for circular products and services and pitched these to industry experts.

circular economy challenge- mcp website

Malcolm Cochrane Photography

Design Engineer Construct! Virtual Work Experience & Qualification 

In partnership with Class Of Your Own (COYO), creators of the award-winning Design Engineer Construct! (“DEC”) Learning Programme, pupils in S3 are being offered a free Virtual Work Experience programme week. In collaboration with McDonald’s, the pupils are challenged to design a ‘Net Zero’ McDonald’s restaurant.

  • During the week, pupils are introduced to the concept of ‘net zero’ design. They are asked to design an inclusive, modern restaurant, with support throughout the week from industry professionals. Pupils produce a written submission which will be moderated. Successful pupils will receive a “DEC CONNECT Award” endorsed certificate.
  • The Virtual Work Experience will inspire and raise the aspirations of young people to consider Construction and the Built Environment as a valuable career path. The learners will discover real-world applications of science, technology, engineering and maths and can access a whole range of exciting professional career pathways through strong industry and academic links. Aligning with Sustainable Development Goals, the themes of social, environmental and economic sustainability run throughout the programme.
  • We are offering over 400 sponsored places for pupils across DYW Glasgow, West and Lanarkshire & East Dunbartonshire regions.
  • As part of the legacy of My Climate Path, we are working with schools to help them offer the DEC! qualification as part of the curriculum.
Braidhurst High School dec mcdonalds - mcp website

Courtney Dunbar, Braidhurst High School

Climate Heroes

Climate Heroes is a DYW initiative that  identifies Climate Heroes from industry partners and passionate individuals to showcase the skills required for our young people to enter the jobs of the future through real-life examples.

Climate Heroes are being matched with each school in the Glasgow City Region to inspire young people on the career pathways to enter the new green economy, across all sectors. Climate Heroes can support educators by giving everyday industry examples to help enhance the curriculum and bring their sector to life.

Aligning with the Young Person’s Guarantee, each Climate Hero will offer meaningful work experience in a role that has impact towards sustainability. This allows young people to take a step towards both the world of work and making a difference towards tackling the climate emergency.

fashion photo 2 - mcp website

Max Breakenridge

Online My Climate Path Learning Package

Working with The Verdancy Group, we have created a series of online learning modules covering My Climate Impact, My Climate Opportunity, and My Climate Commitment. ​ The learning package is targeted at communities and schools.

  • My Climate Impact allows young people to learn and understand their own impact on the environment, how climate change affects them, the purpose of COP26, and what their carbon footprint is.
  • My Climate Opportunity provides the learner with real life examples of the opportunities that a green and circular economy in Scotland will provide them with, including pathways to sustainable career roles and the skills needed for such roles. My Climate Opportunity also includes a section for teachers to introduce them to the range of initiatives available under the wider My Climate Path project.
  • My Climate Commitment presents the full range of commitments that young people can choose to commit to as part of their learning journey.

Wee Forests

A Wee Forest is a small, tennis court-sized, densely planted, native species rich, fast growing, urban woodland in Scotland. NatureScot is developing a network of Wee Forests as part of the Tiny Forest Global Family. Planted and looked after by local people, Wee Forests can incorporate an outdoor classroom and provide opportunities for school and community engagement and long-term citizen science.

  • Wee Forests provide young people with an opportunity to tackle the ecological and climate emergency by planting and looking after their own forest in their own neighbourhood.
    Wee Forests are a place where young people can develop their knowledge, skills and confidence; volunteer; and train for green jobs in land-based industries, community work and scientific analysis.
  • Through My Climate Path, we are working with young people to develop skills to allow them to pitch for funding and/or land to enable a Wee Forest to be built in their community.
  • We propose to utilise Young Enterprise Scotland’s existing Company Programme to support the ambition of Wee Forests across Glasgow City Region.
wee forest 2

Digital Critical Friends

In response to the Logan Review, DYW Glasgow have developed the Digital Critical Friends initiative in collaboration with ScotlandIS.  This ensures that every secondary school Glasgow City Region will have a senior tech expert from a leading technology business at their disposal – a Digital Critical Friend.

In 2020, the Logan Review looked at the Scottish technology sector and concluded that computing science should be treated as a core school subject in the same way as maths and physics. The aim for this legacy building initiative is to ensure the curriculum is industry relevant; teachers are upskilled and sector savvy; and young people have an increased awareness of digital career opportunities and what is required to get roles in this sector.

As young people become digitally literate and able to confidently compete in the digital job market, it will help reduce the attainment gap, inequality and generational poverty. By directly incorporating tech businesses within secondary schools, it is hoped there will be an increased confidence to create more entry level positions for school leavers who will have the required tech skills and motivation.

digital critical friend 2 - mcp website

Earth Allies: Climate Activism Course

Earth Allies is a 12-week online climate activism course delivered by the Glasgow Science Centre. Earth Allies training aims to equip young people aged 16-24, from underserved communities, with the tools to be advocates for climate action.

The programme is empowering young people to raise awareness of the issues, mobilise others, and effectively campaign for change. Over the twelve weeks, participants are building their knowledge of the key issues while learning essential skills for activism: public speaking, online campaigning and filmmaking.

To translate the learning into practice, participants will be set three challenges which they will present to the group to receive peer feedback and hone their activist credentials. This course is aimed at young people who are new to activism but are motivated to develop their skills and make a difference.

Sustainable Fashion Festival

In partnership with ACS Clothing, Zero Waste Scotland, Sustainable Fashion Scotland, Circular Glasgow, University of Glasgow, New College Lanarkshire, Repair What You Wear, ApparelXChange, Glasgow Caledonian University, SHRUB Coop and others, we delivered an awareness and engagement campaign for young people in S1-S3 around sustainable fashion. We worked with business, schools and the community to deliver a series of events to engage young people in the need for sustainable fashion and the career opportunities within the fashion and manufacturing industries.

These events culminated in a Sustainable Fashion Conference on the final day of COP26. Ahead of this, we worked with schools and communities to raise awareness about the impact the fashion industry has on the climate and the need for sustainable fashion.

There are four phases of the Sustainable Fashion Festival, we’ve completed Phase 1-3 and are currently delivering the legacy phase:

  1. Awareness:
    Raising awareness in schools and community about the impact the fashion industry has on the climate and the need for sustainable and circular fashion.
  2. Inspiration:
    Inspiring young people through tours and workshops at ACS Clothing’s facility on fashion and manufacturing career and skills pathways; upcycling and garment repair; and industry insights.
  3. Mindset Shift:
    During COP26 we held a gathering of young people, students, business and policymakers at a Sustainable Fashion Conference during COP26 to showcase Scotland’s sustainable fashion talent and make connections for future action.
  4. Legacy:
    Empowering young people to take direct action towards the sustainable fashion economy.
fashion photo 3 - mcp website

Max Breakenridge

Waste in the Circular Economy SCQF Level 5

Delivered by The Verdancy Group, this SCQF Credit rated award provides learners in S3-S4 with the opportunity to develop their values, attitudes and skills in relation to achieving a circular economy to protect our environment. The knowledge gained from this award will improve participants’ ability to apply their learnings to their future careers, businesses and personal development. This award contains approximately 30 hours of learning and is provided on an interactive, engaging learning platform which can be delivered wholly online or blended with support as required.

Circular Community Work Experience

Working with Circular Communities Scotland, Scotland’s membership body for the community reuse and recycling sector, we will offer young people work experience within the businesses that make up the Circular Communities. Young people will have the opportunity to learn about the need to conserve and protect the environment by reducing the proliferation of landfill sites and the promotion of sustainable waste management.

Youth Climate Council

We are developing a Youth Climate Council to ensure the young person’s voice is heard at COP and beyond. ​​

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We’ve already had a huge impact on Scotland’s young people through the My Climate Path initiatives, but want to engage with even more businesses to expand the educational legacy from COP26. If you are interested in being part of one of these initiatives, or want to find out more, please complete the form below.