Climate Heroes Criteria

For the Climate Heroes initiative, we are looking for each partner to show genuine and demonstrable commitment to climate action as you will play a strong influencing role in young people’s development and be an inspiring leader in building the next generation of the sustainable workforce.


You have a sustainability strategy. We expect larger businesses to have credible net zero targets and a plan of action on how to achieve these.


You have experiences and evidence you can share with young people to inspire and educate them to illustrate that your company/role is making a positive difference to the climate.


You can demonstrate your climate action progress so far and show us how your changes are impacting positively on both the climate and society as a whole, and the opportunities this is creating for young people.


You can demonstrate a turnaround in working practice that would help young people understand the need to take action to tackle the climate emergency.


You can provide work placements and pathways to green jobs for young people.

Asset 1@4x


  • Sustainability strategy and action plan

  • Experiences to share

  • Evidence of progress of your organisations actions that benefit both climate and society

  • Work placements/Green job opportunities

  • Demonstrate a turnaround in working practices