Would you like to become one of our next Climate Heroes?

We're looking for industry partners and passionate individuals to help influence and inspire our young people on the career pathways to enter the new green economy. We’re looking to partner with people from a broad range of backgrounds to demonstrate to young people that all sectors of Scotland’s economy are needed to come together to support Scotland’s ambitious climate goals.


It is a crucial time for young people looking to get into employment after the detrimental impact that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on their job prospects. Equally, we need to be promoting the green jobs of the future that the young people want and the planet needs.

We need Climate Heroes like you to work with both educators and young people to influence the curriculum and help young people develop the skills required for the future world of work.

You will be a major influencer for DYW as part of the Young Person’s Guarantee, which asks employers to commit to supporting young people to enter the workforce.

Who are we looking for?

We’re looking for industry partners and passionate individuals who have experience oworking in roles supporting the new green economy and can showcase the skills required for our young people to enter the jobs of the future through real-life examples.


For this initiative, we are asking each partner to offer meaningful work experience in a role that has impact towards sustainability. This will allow young people to take one step closer to both entering the world of work and making a difference towards tackling the climate emergency.


To be a Climate Hero, you do not need to come from a traditional ‘green’ or ‘circular’ business as all sectors of the economy are needed to come together to reach Scotland’s net zero targets. For example, you could be someone who has revolutionised your workplace to make it more sustainable or you could be shaking up old ways of working to make them fit in with today’s environmental targets. You just need to be able to demonstrate your passion to young people, along with your knowledge and experience of the different pathways to working in the green economy.

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This could also include, but is not limited to:

Offering careers advice to school leavers on the different jobs available

Running workshops and enterprise challenges for young people and educators to bring your industry to life

Supporting educators by giving real-life industry examples to help enhance the curriculum

Offering industry tours

Attending careers fairs and virtual events

Our key criteria for the Climate Heroes initiative are set out on this page, however, we would love a conversation with you to discuss all opportunities under the wider My Climate Path project.

What will I get out of this?

A lot! You will be able to influence the school curriculum with the knowledge of your industry and gain direct access to engage with young people before they enter the workforce. This initiative will help develop skilled, talented and work-ready young people to grow our city and your business.


Furthermore, you will be joining a powerful network of like-minded, cross-sector industry partners who will collectively enhance the learning experience of the future workforce. This will allow for the formation of valuable business-to-business networks and opportunities through our dedicated forum.


Lastly, and most importantly, you and your company will be supporting a COP26 legacy education project which will ensure that our young people develop the skills required to reach Scotland’s ambitious climate goals and make Scotland a green, net zero nation.

How will this benefit me and my business?

  • Access to a motivated & informed talent pool of young people

  • Create green jobs to provide positive futures for generations of young people

  • Network with like minded businesses

  • Showcase sustainable practice through work placements

  • Inspire young people and let them learn about your business

  • Chance to make a difference to your community, city and planet

How will it work?

We will match you, or one of your colleagues, with a school located in Glasgow City Region for 12 months. This will be based on your skillsets, your needs and the needs of our young people.


You will be supported throughout by the DYW team to develop a robust plan to grow the skills of our young people and make your ambitions to influence change a reality.


You will have the support of the wider Climate Heroes network through our forum where you can connect with other Climate Heroes to share tips and ideas on how to best expand young people’s skillsets and demonstrate green career pathways.


Our dedicated DYW Climate Heroes Coordinator will be there to check in with you on a regular basis and find out if there is anything else we can do to help you get the most out of this opportunity.

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Apply today

If you’re interested in taking part, or just want to find out a bit more, please contact us via the form linked below.


Even if you don’t think you meet our key criteria for the Climate Heroes initiative, please still get in touch as you may be perfect for one of the other opportunities under the wider My Climate Path project.